Rigging Services by QRSA: What Fully Licenced Riggers Bring to the Table

05 December 2023

rigging services

Ensure efficiency in heavy lifting and rigging projects through rigging services by QRSA. Know why fully licenced riggers must be hired. Call 0417 890 722.

Heavy lifting, construction, and industrial projects can become successful if they employ the right processes. One process they require is rigging. It covers the process of preparing, assembling, and securing equipment pieces, materials, and structures to efficiently and safely move or lift them to their designated places. The entire operation of rigging must be carried out correctly to guarantee the safety of personnel, the integrity of equipment, and the success of the project.

One key factor that can secure the safe and efficient execution of rigging operations is the involvement of fully licenced riggers. These professionals, whom you can hire at QRSA, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring the success of complex lifting and rigging tasks.

Tasks Performed by Fully Licenced Riggers

Heavy lifting operations often involve large and unwieldy loads. The movement of these loads requires precision, planning, and expert execution. This is where fully licenced riggers come into play.

At QRSA, our fully licenced riggers are trained to perform a wide range of critical tasks. Some of these tasks are as follows.

• Load Assessment: Our rigging experts assess the weight, dimensions, and centre of gravity of the load to determine the most suitable rigging equipment and techniques.

• Plan Development: They then create a comprehensive rigging plan that outlines the equipment to be used, the rigging configuration, and the procedures to be followed during the lifting operation.

• Equipment Selection: QRSA’s rigging professionals select the appropriate slings, cables, chains, shackles, and other rigging equipment to safely secure and move the load.

• Load Securement: They subsequently secure the load to the rigging equipment, ensuring that it is properly balanced and won’t shift during lifting.

• Lifting Execution: Fully licenced riggers from QRSA coordinate the entire lifting operation, including crane or hoist operation, load monitoring, and communication with the crane operator.

Key Benefits of Hiring QRSA Expert Riggers

Hiring fully licenced riggers from QRSA can help you gain tons of benefits.

Since our licenced riggers are well-versed in safety regulations and best practices, you can ensure that every stage of the rigging process will be safe, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries. Hiring our riggers can also ensure that your project complies with all relevant requirements as they adhere to strict regulations and standards. Our QRSA expert riggers likewise have the expertise to complete tasks efficiently and accurately, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The experience and skill set of riggers can then help identify and mitigate potential risks and challenges during lifting. Lastly, QRSA expert riggers are well-acquainted with various rigging equipment and know how to use them effectively, extending the lifespan of the gear and reducing the risk of damage.

The Best Time to Hire Fully Licenced Riggers

Our fully licenced riggers at QRSA bring a level of expertise and professionalism that is indispensable in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and success of heavy lifting and rigging projects. Hence, you can hire them for projects involving heavy lifting or rigging. These projects include skyscraper or bridge construction, installation or relocation of industrial machinery, shipbuilding and marine operations, oil and gas rigging and drilling, mining and excavation, and entertainment industry stage rigging.

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